“What you are offering is definitely an adventure and a unique experience-not just another paddling trip. Given your own contributions of commentary on history, local culture, and the remarkable places you’ve found for people to stay over and dine, what you offer could be described as a work of art.” Haydon, Virginia USA.

To get physical with a land for me is to internalize, to own, to make it a part of myself. Douro country is now a part of me. Mike, NevadaMike
I really enjoyed getting to know the whole group of people and also seeing a part of the world that few tourists get to enjoy. I liked having the price inclusive – not worrying about any expenses… Susan, NevadaSusan
The people on the trip were incredible. The food was excellent. The accommodations were ultra comfortable. But I most enjoyed being on the river paddling through a spectacularly beautiful area that I had never seen before. Kathy CAKathy
…., I paddled through the beautiful Douro River Valley of Portugal on the Douro River from Barca de Alva to Oporto, 120 miles of plains, valleys, quintas, vineyards, churches, castles, beaches, fruit trees, prehistoric rock drawings, historic train depots, old trains, drinking fantastic tasting wines, eating delicious food and enjoying one another's company all the while rescuing a few lost and lonely dogs-unforgettable. Kathy CAKathy
This is still fantasy to me / the food / the people / the places we stayed/ …. Ron Ontario CanadaRon
Wonderful feeling of tranquility of the interior. Fantastic variety in accommodation and consequent immersion in culture. Marci, Ontario CanadaMarci
Awakening of the senses….Sight of beautifully designed vineyards; Luxurious Smell of eucalyptus forests; Taste of freshness from hand picked grapes and figs right from your kayak; Glorious Sounds of roosters each day; Velvet Touch of the river water on the paddle…. Marci, Ontario CanadaMercedes
The variety of the rugged and gorgeous scenery and all the terraced hills were beautiful to see. Cynthia, FloridaCynthia
You gave a presentation of Portugal that few will be lucky enough to share. Cynthia, FloridaBarb
Paddling through steep terraced landscape and picking fruit from my kayak was magical. Was a thrill to reach Oporto…. Christine, FloridaChristine
Great memories can't be forgotten or erased. You have placed the Douro River and fellow explorers in a special place in my heart. Peggy, FloridaPeggy
What did you most like or enjoy? The adventure, feeling carefree and safe with professional guides that knew the area, the wide spectrum of dining and lodging, the trip was as tasteful as the fine wine which I'm sure has become better with time. I think the trip was streamlined for experiencing all the facets of the River, the people, the language, the food, picking figs, oranges and blackberries from the kayaks traveling down the river, the wines, whether stomping the grapes or drinking from crystal glasses, the lifestyles, the nature, the crafts. I was dazzled every day. Peggy, FloridaAlice
I feel that we got to see an authentic view of Portugal that most tourists never get to see. Mary, VirginiaMary
The scenery on the river exceeded my expectations. Photos just can’t do it justice. Picking figs, grapes and berries from our boats was a highlight for me. Mary, VirginiaMaría
This was a highlight of our lives and we hope to return to the Douro soon. Mary Burnham of Burnham Guides.Jane
Yours was the best ever for me and I am not a paddler! Allan
Jack I still dream about the food and places you took us!Richard


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